Board Positions

We are always deeply grateful to the members of our community who volunteer their time and energy to make SFF a success. Our organization could not survive without people just like you!

If you would like to assist us with distributing our flyers, sponsoring our refreshments, finding raffle prizes, or setting up for our events on the night of our talks, we welcome your participation as an “angel”. Angels (such as our Refreshment Angels and Raffle Prize Coordinator) make essential contributions to our monthly events, but the positions are less demanding than our board positions.

All full board positions have some basic requirements, and perks. Like all of our “jobs”, they are unpaid, volunteer opportunities.

They require attending our monthly board meetings (fourth Monday night of the month) and our talks (first Thursday night of the month at Unity of the Triangle).

Perks for full board positions include attending our workshops for free! In all cases, we offer full training, and lots of help coming up to speed.

Here’s the list of what our board positions are responsible for. As you can see, a lot of work goes into making our events worthwhile and interesting for our audience!



This individual is responsible for coordinating our events and monthly operation, insuring that everything is being taken care of to facilitate SFF programs. He/she also addresses miscellaneous inquiries and policy decisions, along with the myriad legal and contractual details that keep SFF running. It is a demanding, yet rewarding position.


Events Coordinator

The events coordinator position is important when we have a speaker who does not live in the Triangle. When we have an out-of-town speaker, we give them the option of having private sessions (astrological or intuitive readings, for example) and workshops. We also find them a board member or member of the community who is willing to host them, and provide transportation while they are in town. In these cases, the events coordinator arranges all workshop and sessions spaces, a host for the speaker and handles all sign-ups for the sessions and workshops. During the months that we have local speakers (meaning, no hosting, private sessions or workshops) the events coordinator acts as liaison with the organization from which we rent our lecture space and otherwise assists at our talks.


Meditations Co-Coordinators

These two board members seek out practitioners in our community to lead a 30-minute meditation before our Thursday night talks. The community meditation leader typically also donates a session for his/her services to serve as an SFF raffle prize. The meditations co-coordinators setup the meditation space and introduce the evening’s meditation leader. If a community meditation leader can’t be found, one of the meditations co-coordinators personally leads the 30-minute meditation.


Multimedia Coordinator

The Multimedia Coordinator is responsible for making certain that we have the audiovisual equipment our speakers need for our lectures and workshops. He / she also records and edits our monthly talks, and makes them available for purchase (as a DVD or CD) or download from our website (as an mp3 file). When our talks are purchased on disc this individual burns a copy of the talk to disc and mails it to the purchaser.


Programs Coordinator

We are completely dependent on our programs coordinator for our lecture content. This is a very responsible position, which requires a fair amount of time and interaction with our potential and contracted speakers. This person seeks out speakers who will interest our audience, researches them for the content and quality of their presentations, then works out our contract details with them. He/she also gets all necessary publicity photos and literature from the speaker to serve as the basis for our newsletters and online content. The ideal candidate will have a good head for details and a knowledge of the local and national metaphysical and spiritual community, from which we draw our speakers.


Publications Coordinator

The publications coordinator is responsible for distributing our flyers to various events and businesses to let the community know about our specific speakers, and SFF in general. Some of our current connections are Dancing Moon, Harmony Farms, The Holy Rose, the Body Mind Spirit Expo and One Tribe. He/she also submits entries to local publications and community events calendars, etc.


Refreshments Coordinator

The refreshments coordinator shops for the refreshments we serve during our intermissions. With the assistance of SFF angels and other board members he/she also sets them up, and cleans up afterwards. We provide a list of the sorts of easy-to-eat, easy-to-clean-up finger foods and dips that we typically serve, and the treasurer will write you a check at the talk to reimburse you for your food purchases.



The secretary takes minutes at the board meetings, confers with the board to insure their accuracy and then sends them back out to the board. He/she also sends thank-you notes to the hosts of our out of town guests, and to the practitioners and volunteers at our annual fundraiser. When inquiring about becoming our secretary, be prepared to submit writing samples that demonstrate your mastery of spelling and grammar.


Social Media Coordinator

This individual is responsible for administering our social media sites (primarily Meetup and Facebook) and making sure that details about our upcoming events are posted. When inquiring about becoming our social media coordinator, be prepared to submit writing samples that demonstrate your mastery of spelling and grammar. Also please provide a list of your own social media presences for our review.



The treasurer must be trustworthy, with a good head for numbers and details, and an awareness of timelines. This is a very responsible full board position, which includes collecting the entry fees and sales proceeds at our monthly talks, private sessions and workshops. In addition, all SFF bills are paid by the treasurer, along with paying our speakers, and depositing the income from our talks, product sales, private sessions, workshops, etc.



The webmaster is responsible for designing and updating our website in coordination with the Editor, and working with a designer to create or modify the site. He/she also creates and sends email to our newsletter subscriber list. He/she is responsible for what you see here!



The editor is in many ways the public face of SFF. He/she is responsible for all of the article contents on our main website, Facebook page and Meetup page. The writer also writes and edits our flyers and composes our social media listings, calendar and events listings and any other content we need to present to our community. When inquiring about becoming our writer/editor, be prepared to submit writing samples that demonstrate your mastery of spelling and grammar.



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