SFF Board Members

Chairperson: Susan Hunter

Susan Hunter’s lifelong passion has been to be of service to others and to make a positive impact in whatever she does. This led her on a truth-seeking spiritual path that brought her to many modalities of quantum healing work. La Ho Chi, Theta Healing and Soul Power Healing are the three main areas of advanced study Susan has enjoyed learning. Most recently she became a certified Oneness Blessing Giver.

For the past 17 years Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship contributed greatly to her knowledge of metaphysics and now she wants to volunteer in order to give back to the community. This is just a small offering compared to what an enormous influence this group has given to help her raise her vibration to be closer to the Light and Love of the Divine.

Oh, she also has been a residential real estate agent in the Triangle for the past 20 years and loves her job!

To contact Susan: chairperson@spiritual-frontiers.com

Smith Primm 2016 190x269Treasurer and Publications Coordinator: Smith Primm

Smith performs very valuable community outreach for SFF by distributing our event flyers to a select group of local businesses each month. His rounds include long-time and more recent friends of SFF such as Harmony Farms, Dancing Moon and The Holy Rose.

He can always be found very happily and enthusiastically doing whatever needs to be done to make sure our events go smoothly.

To contact Smith: treasurer@spiritual-frontiers.com or publications@spiritual-frontiers.com

Secretary: Lisa Litzsinger

Lisa Litzsinger is a certified wellness coach and holistic health counselor who owns Blissful Wellness in Raleigh. She has been providing counseling and wellness support for 16 years. Her mission is to educate and empower others to heal on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually, and to “Live Happy, Healthy and Well.”

She has been on a lifelong journey to understand the many aspects of the metaphysical and she is learning to embrace and live in the field of love, peace, and support that is available to us every day. The work of SFF, through its speakers and programs, has been a source of education and guidance on her path, and she feels blessed and excited to be a part of this group.

To contact Lisa: secretary@spiritual-frontiers.com


Webmaster and Multimedia Coordinator: Kim Kasdorf

Kim Kasdorf has been active in the Raleigh SFF chapter since joining the board in 1988. Kim developed and maintained the first website, worked with Julie Hammer to develop the second website in 2009 and has assumed a much more active role with this, our third and most extensive website. He has served as editor of the newsletter and as SFF chairperson (1992-1996 & 1998) and still does whatever needs to be done to help the chapter. He currently is also serving as the Multimedia coordinator (A/V guy) until we can find and train a new person to take on this role.

With a one time goal of  being a perpetual student, Kim received degrees in Teacher Education (AA), Social Work (BA) and General Social Sciences (MA) and was “ABD” for a Ph.D. in Sociology from NCSU. Following the non-linear path of many seekers, after a sixteen year stint as a mechanical engineer, he became an architectural designer, completed a second Associates degree in Architectural Technology and became a LEED Accredited Professional as well as a BPI certified Energy Analyst. He retired in 2013 though he is still available for architectural consulting and design, focusing on residential high efficiency and universal access for private clients.

A spiritual seeker for most of his life, significant early influences include Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha, books by Ruth Montgomery, the Seth books and the complete works of T. Lobsang Rampa, Carlos Castanada and Richard Bach. Balancing right and left brain activities and interests is a continuing challenge and his passions bounce from fine art to computers; from trucks and chainsaws to acoustic guitar and Persian rugs. Helping Kim to maintain balance is his wonderful and talented wife Pat.

To contact Kim: webmaster@spiritual-frontiers.com or multimedia@spiritual-frontiers.com

Editor/Writer: Katherine Smart

A lifelong spiritual seeker and student of metaphysics, Katherine Smart is a veteran SFF board member, having helped the organization restructure in 1987 and creating its first print newsletter, Lightworks. In September 2017, after about 30 years, she picked up where she left off as the SSF writer/editor. Her main role is working with speakers and meditation leaders to prepare copy for the website and monthly flyers. She is particularly thrilled to see that the Raleigh organization continues to thrive, using the same monthly Thursday-night speaker format that was put in place so many years ago. After a 30-year career in journalism, public relations and corporate communications with a focus on health care, Katherine is enjoying an encore career as a professional hypnotist. She helps clients become empowered to live the lives they desire through her Pittsboro-based business, Imagine That Hypnosis. As a certified consulting hypnotist, she also serves as president of the Triangle Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Her lifelong equestrian pursuits have also equipped her to give horseback-riding lessons part time.

To contact Katherine: Editor@spiritual-frontiers.com</a

Social and Online Media Coordinator: Candace Patrick

A self-described seeker of truth and understanding in the world, Candace Patrick discovered SFF in 2017. After attending the organization’s spiritual lectures and events, she quickly realized that SFF “is full of incredible loving light” and that it could be a resource for many others on their spiritual journey, too. With a background in non-profit marketing and a degree in graphic design, she joined the SFF board in 2019 to assist with social media and online presence.

Candace is a “transformational high-vibe soul coach.” She founded her business, Journey With Your Soul, in Raleigh to assist others with diving deep into their soul for self-discovery, conquering fears, and releasing blockages that are holding them back from their greatest potential. She desires to raise the collective consciousness as a whole by raising the vibes, one soul at a time.

Her passion is educating and introducing the public to new techniques to help them through their own spiritual awakening journey. When she isn’t working with the public, you will find her meditating in the forest somewhere, snapping exciting photos, or being surrounded by nature and animals.

To contact Candace: socialmedia@spiritual-frontiers.com

Meditation Coordinator: Sue Nicol

Sue Nicol is a Holy Fire® Reiki master and teacher, an archangelic light practitioner and a core Shamanic practitioner who owns and operates White Dove Healing, based in Raleigh. A former nurse and Montessori teacher, she has always had a passion to help, care for and teach others. She has been attending Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship events, lectures and its Psychic and Healing Fair over a span of 26 years.

As a result of her longtime interest in holistic health, metaphysics and energy healing, she gave up what she calls her “3D” life to pursue her true passion full time through her Holy Fire® Reiki practice. She teaches and offers individual, group and distance Reiki sessions, as well as a “Reiki for Kids” program, both in Raleigh and at Native Salt Cave and Wellness in Wilmington. Through her practice, she helps clients feel less pain and physical discomfort, become calmer and emotionally balanced, and feel less stress and anxiety.

Having learned valuable information and met many like-minded people through SFF, she feels it is her time to give back to the organization. Her intention is to be part of a community that honors those on their spiritual journey and helps expand spiritual and metaphysical awareness in the community.

To contact Sue: meditations@spiritual-frontiers.com

Vacant Positions
  • Program Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator
  • Refreshments Coordinator


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